The Website Installer located in our Free Domain Name Registration and Hosting Web Hosting Control Panel gives you a quick and simple way to create a brand new site using a custom web design in under five min’s. It just takes just 4 basic steps for your website to be on the Internet. It is easy to choose between more than two hundred available site templates and when it is prepared, you’ll be able to deal with your web site with ease. We’ll send to you signin data for the management area and you will be able to start incorporating completely new web pages in an instant. If, at any time, you need help – the computer representatives will be available night and day, in a position to help you along.

The Website Installer is offered with every shared website hosting bundle coming using the Free Domain Name Registration and Hosting Web Hosting Control Panel.

An easy–to–navigate Website Installer

Making a site is as simple as 1–2–3

Constructing a site completely from scratch can be tough if you don’t possess at the very least an elementary grade of HTML and CSS skills. You should know the basics of JavaScript and PHP also. Using the Website Installer, you don’t need to have any sort of programming understanding to start a customizable site. You can pick between more than two hundred themes and speedily alter the chosen template according to your requirements without having to write any kind of code in the backend.

In the event you don’t enjoy the outcome – return and start once again. It takes simply just a few basic steps, and the moment you reach step # 4 – you will get your brand–new website ready to debut on the web.

Easy-to-use Website Installer

Over 200 Web Themes At Hand

Launch your new web site with a click of the mouse

To assist you to bring your new web site on the web in a timely manner, we have crafted a number of website themes to choose from. Depending on the purpose of your website, you will find a wonderful theme for use on your blog or image gallery or the perfect style and design for your portfolio. All design themes are available for free–of–charge download in your own Web Hosting Control Panel. We have been working to develop completely new design themes in accordance with the latest design and style trends so as to supply you with a better option for your sites.

200+ Free Templates

Night–and–day Tech Support Team

The technical representatives are on duty 24 hours

Our tech support staff includes engineers that have worked well several years in the web hosting marketplace. They are qualified to control various challenges and can be found 24/7, happy to give you a hand. Moreover, we’ve got Regularly Asked Questions and many how–to videos.

In addition, we provide a 1–hour reply–back time guarantee, meaning that you’ll receive a reply to your issue at the earliest opportunity. The average reaction time period is lower than 20 min’s.

24/7 Support