All devices on the Web are identified by a specific number called an IP address, for instance In case you have a site, the domain that you enter in order to access it is for your convenience, but the server where the website files are still has an IP address. Because there're many more websites and devices than there are IPs, all the shared web hosting servers have a number of websites under the same IP, whereas with a dedicated server you will have a dedicated IP too. Even in the first case though, you can acquire a dedicated IP for your websites and host them on a shared server. One advantage would be that you will get improved search engine rankings because a dedicated IP usually means a faster loading website. What is more, you need such an IP if you plan to obtain an SSL certificate for your site and secure the info that visitors submit on it.

Dedicated IP Address in Shared Website Hosting

When you use some of our shared website hosting packages, you will be able to add a dedicated IP address to your account without difficulty and assign it to any domain or subdomain with just a few clicks. This is valid no matter which data center you have chosen for your account during the signup process, therefore you will be able to take advantage of this feature in our US, UK and AU facilities. This way, you can have a dedicated IP for an electronic commerce website, for example, whereas a forum attached to it can use the server's shared IP because you can adjust each domain or subdomain separately through the Hosted Domains section of your Hepsia Control Panel. If you would like a dedicated IP for an SSL certificate and you get the SSL from our company, you can use our auto-configuration tool, that will assign an IP and install the SSL automatically for the site where you would like to use them.